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Our Brands

Salam Shop takes great pride in finding the best brands in the world. We’d say it’s the toughest part of our job! Our products are predominantly local (Canadian), but there are some international brands and products we want North Americans to have access to because they are just too awesome. We focus on curating products that appeal to modern Muslims and are of the highest quality.

What’s special about our work with these brands is that we don’t just carry their products. We invest in their business by assisting them with their product strategy and business growth. This is how we ensure our customers needs are met – by taking your feedback directly to the source. We also work one-on-one with founders and makers to produce exclusive product lines just for Salam Shop!

Here is a list of our favorite brands at Salam Shop and their stories (we love a good story!):


Anam Khan is a local artist from Mississauga, Ontario Canada. She specializes in Islamic fine art and arabic calligraphy. She is most well known at the shop for her mihrab paintings and prints, as well as her SOLD OUT paint nights every month.

Blossom and Bean is Toronto’s original halal candy supplier! Want the latest in halal gummies and marshmallows? Look no further! B&B supplies our shop with everything from gummy bears to sour keys to mini marshmallows. They are also an importer & distributor of halal confectionery all over Canada.


Black Orchid is a is Toronto based pop-culture company designed to produce unique fashion pieces that incorporate cultural elements from the east, with a modern take on digital media. They aim to provide simple yet unique designs that will be a staple in your wardrobe!


The Craft Souk. Made with HEART in Toronto, Ontario Canada. With a focus on locally handmade items, The Craft Souk aims to take the beauty of Islam and present it with a current, western aesthetic. Blessed to be Muslim & Canadian!

Daya Couture is a Canadian company based in Montreal, Ontario. Their collection is ethically produced, and inspired by the latest fashion design trends, but with a hint of modesty & elegance.


Embellish Occasions is bringing Islamic Occasions to Life. Their decor will bring the spirit of Islam into your home for you and your family to enjoy. Products are made in Canada with an ethnic twist from here and there, depending on the founder’s travels around the globe.

Fashion Caravan is a scarves and accessories business that provides ethically sourced items to the Greater Toronto Area. Her scarves and accessories collections are available in limited quantities with new collections arriving each season.


Nutrimin was founded upon three core principles: A perpetual commitment to quality, a dedication to the innovation and improvement of human health, and the recognition of Canadian standards and products worldwide. Their focus is on providing people around the world with natural, vegetarian sourced supplements. Their products cater to the dietary needs of people of various ethnic, religious, and lifestyle origins. All of their products are 100% vegan and halal. Every single bottle marketed by Nutrimin is manufactured in GMP-compliant facilities that have been approved by both the Federal Drug Administration as well as Health Canada.

Here is a list of a few of the other brands we are proud to carry in the shop:

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