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Meet Sudduf


Salams all! Thanks for visiting our website and supporting Salam Shop.

The support of the global community allows us to constantly innovate and introduce you to new / unique / high quality products. It also allows us to hire talent from our community and empower entrepreneurs to take their brands and products to the next level. Jazakallah khair for showing us your constant love-right from day one! Don’t stop there though 🙂 Please continue to share our content and products through your social media and personal networks!

Now, about me!

My name is Sudduf and I started the concept of Salam Shop back in 2014 when I was preparing for the trip of a lifetime – Hajj, subhanallah! I was employed in management at a tech startup / had years of experience working as an engineer for the government / and had also just recently completed my MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. So it was the logical next step to open up a retail boutique…right?


It was really the Hajj prep that got me thinking about my purpose in life and what I was doing to get closer to Allah swt. I left my management job during July of 2014 (Ramadan) and started focusing on my strengths and how I could use them to better my community and my deen. I love empowering people to follow their dreams and I love dishing out business advice – mostly because I feel invested in each individual’s project and ideas, and their success is intrinsically my success.

I had spent any free time that I had in the last few years connecting with entrepreneurs and business owners through Ivey, my own personal network and my community. What I learned from all of these individuals was pretty simple: life was too short to do something you didn’t love. My new motto in life transformed into spending as many hours as possible working towards pleasing Allah swt and inshallah hypothetically building my castle in jannah.

To make this long story short, I opened up Salam Shop and curated the best brands from around the world that focused on products that appeal to modern Muslims. I am a Canadian-born Muslim myself, and I know this is a niche market that’s booming, alhumdulillah. If you want to hear more about my journey, email me at and offer to take me to a cute coffee shop and maybe, just maybe, I’ll say yes!

PS: I love my family and could not have done any of this without them <3

I was recently honored by MP Omar Alghabra at Parliament for International Women’s Day!