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How to Prepare for Hajj 2015

My husband and I at the Kaabah in Mecca during Hajj 2014.

My husband and I at the Kaabah in Mecca during Hajj 2014.

Hajj. The most blessed / meaningful / wonderful trip of your life. 

I was blessed with an invitation to Hajj last year and subhanallah I can’t believe it’s that time of year again. One whole year has gone by and I cannot tell you the feeling in my heart of not being there this year. I feel chills as my fingers type these words.

Hajj. The experience that will change your life, forever.

The view from the Fairmont. Subhanallah!

The view from the Fairmont. Subhanallah!

I didn’t have the chance to blog about my Hajj experience when I returned last year because I was too busy opening up this cute little shop called Salam Shop 😉 Have you heard of it?

Alhumdulillah, there was so much barakah in all of my moments after Hajj, today included. I hope that never goes away. Oh how I miss you Madinah .. I left my heart there. May Allah swt bring me back there soon inshallah (ameen).

Don’t fret – just because I didn’t blog about it doesn’t mean I can’t point you in the right direction. My go-to person for Hajj preparation was my sister-in-law Sahar from Chai with Sahar. She spent hours with me talking about her experiences, teaching me how to write duas, and she also lent me the best chiffon abayas that were lightweight and totally bright so I wasn’t lost amongst all the other black and white wearers at the harem. Score!

I can honestly say that Sahar bhabi has a special place in my heart since my Hajj preparation time. She’s such a giving person and so genuine … and now that we have a Hajj connection, I’m never letting her go. She made my hajj preparation a breeze. Love you girlie!!

But first, this is where you should START your prep. And it’s also what Sahar bhabi recommended as the first step in hajj preparation and alhumdulillah it was very helpful:


You can get through the entire set of videos over a day or two. Take notes! Then when you read the next section here, you can add to your notes.

Need a new hajj notebook? We have super cute ones at the shop!

Knowing all of that, I point you to Sahar’s three part blog series about hajj preparation.

Part 1: A billion (or so) Hajj Tips & Tricks

  • packing list
  • general preparation

Part 2: A billion (or so) Hajj Tips & Tricks

  • doing good deeds
  • the winning tawaf stance
  • making a comprehensive dua list

Part 3: A billion (or so) Hajj Tips & Tricks

  • shopping / tips to keep you focused
  • getting to know your shuyukh
  • how to not get sick

And…if that’s not enough Hajj preparation for you (because, if you’re like me, you need to feel 120% prepared / regardless of the fact that everything changes when you get there!) here’s another take on Hajj preparation from our friend Seher Haque at Simply In Control. Isn’t it slightly creepy / awesome that both our Hajj prep stars are named Seher/Sahar! Umm…yah. It’s an awesome name. (Side note: my sister’s name is also Sehr…wow…)

A note from Seher Haque:

Assalamu Alaikum! I was blessed to be able to go for Hajj last year and it was my first time going to Mecca for Hajj – I had been for Umrah before. I found it difficult knowing exactly what I’d need on my 2-3 week trip, so, after coming back, I compiled a 3 part series about what to pack for Hajj in hopes of making it easier for other pilgrims. This list is very comprehensive. I hope you are able to benefit from it inshaAllah! May Allah SWT accept your hajj and please remember me in your duas!

Part 1: The Basics

Part 2: What to Pack

Part 3: Healthcare & Religious Items

My Hajj experience was closer to Sahar bhabi’s as we went with a similar Hajj group, in that they provided a lot of the same things (backpacks, ihrams, prayer mats, etc), but the tips from Seher may apply to you if you are going with a group that’s a little different! One things for sure, no matter what group you go with: you must pack PATIENCE (a customer just came in and quoted this so I’m totally stealing her quote – Naureen, I hope you read this!). As soon as you get to Pearson (or whatever airport you are flying out of) you will encounter test upon test.

My test? My cell phone broke hours before our flight. Luckily my hubby got me some sort of replacement before we left but how likely is that to happen … right?! It was a TEST!

As I say goodbye to all of you readers reading this post, I wish but one thing – that you make sincere dua for me, my family, and my little shop. May we always stay straight and steadfast on our journey here on earth, free from illness, and always in His service. May we be among those of jannah, with you, and your family. Ameen.

Please share this with your friends & family going for hajj and comment below if you found it helpful or know of any other blogs/tips that would help the pilgrims.




1 Comment on How to Prepare for Hajj 2015

  1. Sahar
    September 4, 2015 at 6:21 PM (2 years ago)

    Aww! Jazak Allahu khairun Sudduf, such kind words..tear!
    I am so grateful and honoured to be part of your Hajj experience.
    I actually just finished two more posts (trying to publish as many posts before people go off to Hajj)

    You’re so right, Hajji’s are tested even before Hajj starts.
    About 6 days before we left for Hajj , our 4 year old was hospitalized for a few days following an asthma attack. Subhan Allah it was one of the biggest tests we faced mere days before the trip of a life time. The heart breaking thought of staying behind crossed my mind several times. Allhumdullillah it all worked out in the end.

    May Allah SWT accept all of our Hajj.
    love you tons 🙂


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