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How to be Productive this Summer

Now that both school and Ramadan are over, we have nothing to do except eat and start new shows. Which leads to a sad, counter-productive cycle of being bored, watching, then eating because you’re tired of watching, the watching because you’re tired of eating and so on…
We always tell ourselves that “This summer, I’m gonna change for the better, I will get so much done”. It’s pretty much New Year’s Resolutions in July. But I’m not judging, if it weren’t for my internship, I’d be in the same position as you. It’s hard to be productive when you don’t have a game plan and that’s where I plan to help. This blog post lists things to do this Summer, so you’re not sitting around being a couch potato.


Productive Thing 1: Take up a Hobby

Whether it’s knitting cute hats for your cat or sketching anime in your sketch pad, hobbies are a great way to pass time and improve whatever skills you intend on improving.


Productive Thing 2: Learn a new language

I know, it sounds crazy and I’m not saying that you’ll finish by the end of the summer, but give it a shot. Learning another language opens so many doors. You can put it in your resume and bring it up at an interview. Plus people who speak more than one language tend to have a higher IQ. A great language-learning app that I like to use is Duolingo. My sister recommended it to me and it’s really helpful. It starts of with a placement test to see your level in the language you want to learn and contains short activities that improve on your grammar. And it’s free!


Productive Thing 3: Get a Summer Job

It might be hard now that summer has already started and job positions for the season are probably already taken, but you can start applying for September if you can’t find any at the moment. There’s also always the option of volunteering. Volunteering is very beneficial, not only for attaining your ‘hours’ for high school, but it’s also an amazing learning experience and a great way to earn good deeds.


Productive Thing 4: Take a course online

Now I don’t mean a course for credit like Grade 12 English, but something fun (not that grade 12 English isn’t fun, but… you know what I mean 😅). If you like computers, take a course in Technology. If you like drawing, take visual arts. If you want to learn more about Islam, whether it’s because you’re new to the faith or simply want to renew your faith, you can try Seekershub. They offer free online courses, taught by Great Islamic Scholars, on Quran, Islamic Law, the Prophets, you name it! Registration is currently open and courses start July 18th. Salam Shop is also hosting Circles of Light, which is a small gathering where girls aged 13-17 can discuss questions they may have about Islam and Life. I attended the most recent event and it was very beneficial. We discussed the endless blessings that Allah has given mankind and were given an assignment where we would have to write something that we’re really grateful for and how we thanked Allah for that blessing. Circles of Light is held every Wednesday at 6:30, so don’t miss it.


Productive Thing 5: Make a Bucket List and Start Working on it

Life is short and we have to make the most of it. We don’t want to grow old with regrets of not doing certain things while we could. Remember the hadith about taking advantage of five before five:

“Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth, before you become old; and your health, before you fall sick; and your richness, before you become poor; and your free time before you become busy; and your life, before your death.”

So whether it’s memorizing the Quran or Performing the Great Pilgrimage, make a plan and work on it.


I hope this blog post inspired you to do something great this summer. So go out and do something productive. 😉

Omhani is an intern at Salam Shop for the Summer of 2016. She is going into her senior year of high school and hopes to take Psychology in University. Omhani is a little bit of a neat freak and she loves reading and making the people around her smile.

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