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Hajj Tips 2016


I’m so excited to be sharing some hajj tips with you all. Subhanallah, it has been 2 years since I was blessed with the invitation to go for Hajj. For those of you who have been before, you can likely attest to the fact that it doesn’t seem so long ago. It feels like *just yesterday* I was performing tawaf with millions of other pilgrims and pouring my heart out to Allah swt. Alhumdulillah, I was able to go for umrah between then and now, but I can promise you, Hajj is the real deal – nothing compares to this trip of a lifetime.

This year, the blessed days of Hajj are from Friday September 9th to Wednesday September 14th.

Disclaimer: If you are unable to go for Hajj for any reason, I encourage you to participate in Pilgrims at Home by Rabata: Often we forget that there are so many factors that go into a Hajj trip (health, financial situation, visas, etc) and that an invitation is truly a HUGE blessing. Don’t miss out on the blessings of this time of year if you are not going for Hajj, and participate in Pilgrims at Home, or your own ibadah challenge to reap the blessings.

For this blog, I wanted to keep the hajj tips simple easy to read with the idea that most of you have already prepped hard for your Hajj trip and are looking for last minute tips and reassurance that you are ready. Newsflash: you are ready! I can pretty much guarantee you that much. How? You need just one thing to be ready – tawakkul (faith in Allah’s plan), and if you have spent the time, energy, and money to go for Hajj, I can pretty much guarantee your faith in Allah’s plan is at its highest, inshallah.

Here are my Hajj tips for you:

  1. Patience. Your patience meter should already be at an all time high (before you leave for your trip). Allah swt will be testing you left, right, and center, so be prepared and don’t lose your cool. At anything. Nothing should have the capacity to “ruin your trip”. Not a broken cell phone, lost luggage, people who push you, aunties who tell you that you read the wrong dua, or a delayed flight. Nothing. Just take everything in stride and remember that you will be rewarded for your patience! Nothing happens without Allah swt’s will and what He wills is always BETTER for you. Keep that in mind and breathe in, and breathe out. Patience is your #1 key factor in a successful hajj (in my humble opinion).
  2. Dua + Gratefulness. Make dua for everything and be grateful for everything. Even if it’s not what you wanted or expected. May our flight be quick and turbulence free. Y’Allah thank you for bringing us our flight on time. May my bunk mates in Mina be helpful and not chatty. Y’Allah thank you for blessing us with comforts like a blanket in Mina. Protect me from illness during Hajj. Y’allah thank you for providing me with medication to take care of my headache quickly. Your dua’s are always answered, and regardless of whether the outcome is what you had desired, Allah knows best. So show Him your gratitude and He will keep on giving and giving. Bonus: the duas of a pilgrim are elevated so…make some dua for me too! But seriously, ask for anything and He will deliver.
  3. Dua for Protection from Illness. So I kind of mentioned this in tip 2, but I am a huge believer in (a) the power of dua, and (b) mind over matter. I learned from Hajj Coach dot Com that dua for protection from illness during hajj should begin asap! And when you make that dua, you must make it with conviction. I took it one step further and basically convinced myself that there was NO WAY I was getting sick in a “mind over matter” sort of way. With my heartfelt dua to Allah swt and 100% certainty that He would answer (plus the Zamzam super drink!), I had psyched myself out, such that I did not get sick while at Hajj, or when I came back. I’m pretty much 1 of a small percentage of people who did not get sick. And I’m 100% certain it’s because of my faith in Allah’s protection AND my mind over matter strategy. Try it, and let me know how it goes.   Also, if your spouse gets sick, I recommend putting a pillow barrier between the two of you at night, so you don’t infect one another. This is an important trip and at least one of you should be well, if not both!
  4. Sleep. During our Hajj trip, I trained my body to sleep at any given chance in any given situation. And by train, I mean I made dua that I get enough sleep and have energy for the rituals. I literally slept through 7 hour bus rides, while everyone else was stressing out about being late and whatnot. I pretty much slept any chance I got so I could ensure I had energy for all of the acts of ibadah necessary. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would also read Quran and duas any chance I got. But when I felt even an eensy-weensy bit tired, I would let my eyelids close and have a nice snooze. I believe this is also another reason I did not get sick – I didn’t overtire myself. So, take a pair of ear plugs and a sleep mask and get those Zzzz’s.

And that’s all! See, I told you you’re ready. And honestly, these 4 Hajj Tips are all you need to be ready. Don’t stress about memorization, knowing all of the rituals, taking enough Vitamin C, whether you should take 1 pair of shoes or 2, etc. Allah swt is going to take care of you – just focus on what matters and that’s your ibadah – and for that, all you need is patience, duas, protection from illness, and energy!

I hope you benefit from this blog and if you do, I have just one request. Ask Allah swt to keep me steadfast in my deen and place barakah in Salam Shop. Ameen.

Safe travels!

“May your journey to and from be for His sake”

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