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Our Guests

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“Whoever believes in Allah and the last day, let him honour his guest.” – Bukhari & Muslim

Our customers are our guests – from the moment you are welcomed into Salam Shop and you inhale the beautiful scent of fresh flowers, artisanal soaps, and hand-poured candles….to the moment you leave with your carefully wrapped purchases.

We take great pride in honouring our guests and ensuring you find whatever it is you are looking for. And if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, look no further then our sales associates. We are equipped with extensive knowledge of each of our brands and products and brands to help you be sure about your purchase.

Here are some of our guest reviews:

Totally awesome experience! Everything is fantastic in the store…bought with love, made with love, and displayed with love…..! five stars all the way! – Naeema Farooqi

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Gorgeous store with an amazing selection of beautiful products. Went in yesterday to browse and ended up buying tons of stuff. Would totally recommend visiting this little gem. Also- try their Nadia soap. It is fantastic!! – Hafsa Hasan

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Wonderful people and a wonderful store. Had a good cup of chai and bought some things. Please support this awesome and righteous initiative. إن شاء الله . – Dhakir Braun

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I just visited Salam Shop and alhamdillah I am so happy with my purchases! The selection of unique ethical products is wonderful and the staff is extremely helpful and professional. Can’t wait for my next trip! – Nina H

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Had an absolute blast visiting and shopping. All the vendors are extremely helpful and honest. The aesthetics of the shop are so wonderful, calming and pleasing to the eye. Definitely planning on coming back, and doing so often! – Hamdi Ali

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The Salam Shop team is full of love and smiles in all ways! – Tabassum Bhayani

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Beautiful concept! Wonderful staff! Great products… Especially for the little ones in your lives. – Rabia Butt

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