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Gift Ideas for Tricky Giftees

There’s a lot to do with Eid coming up. Shopping being the first thing on the list. Now, it’s not always easy to shop for people. Sometimes, you’re not close enough to know what they like or they’re just really specific when it comes to gifts. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help.

Person Number 1
The Challenging Chum We all have that one friend who is almost impossible to shop for because they have it all. Thankfully, Salam shop has unique items that are sure to wow your buddy. A Banat or Squad Pouch paired with a glittery hijab are special and glamorous. They’re the perfect gift for the friend who has everything.

Person Number 2
Super-Mom What do you give someone who has given you everything? Something that helps her relax. Whether it’s a gift card to a spa or a scented soap or candle. Anything that helps her unwind, will work great. I mean, our moms are up and about for so long, we wonder how they were still able to tuck us in at night. If anyone deserves a break it’s them.

Person Number 3
The Helpful Neighbour They’ve got your back when you go on vacation and offer to help with yard work. So what do you give them? Tea is the answer. It’s tasty and relaxing (another thing you can get your mom). And you can even offer to steep it and invite them over to drink it with you.

Person Number 4
The Extreme Vegan You know who I’m talking about, the friend that eats 100% organic, ethically sourced, non-GMO foods, that didn’t harm any living creature in the process. The best thing to get your health conscious friend is Wawawee, CCOF Certified Organic Syrup. No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives and no High Fructose Syrup. It also comes in different flavours such as Peach and strawberry.

Person Number 5
The Generous Grandma Grandmas are so sweet. They give us so much and never ask for anything in return. So what do you get someone, who genuinely doesn’t want anything but your love and care? Gourmet Dates imported from Saudi Arabia! They’re healthy, sweet and part of the Sunnah. Your grandma is sure to love them.

Person Number 6
The No-Gift Aunty This happens a lot. You’ll ask a family member what they want for Eid and no matter how much you insist they say “Nothing but a hug and kiss”. Now you can’t go into their heads and figure out what they want, but ask yourself, what is something that is beneficial to all who own it? A Quran! Yes, they probably already have Qurans, but do they have a rainbow Quran?

Person Number 7
The Neat Freak The organized friend that has everything planned down to a T. Encourage their tidiness by getting them a calendar. It might seem a little late, but trust me, your friend will appreciate the gesture and all proceeds go to Nisaa Homes. Also, a planning junkie can never have too many calenders.

Person Number 8
A Revert you Know Sometimes it can get kind of lonely for a revert during this blessed month, so invite them over and exchange gifts. A gift I recommend is the book: The Prophet of Peace by Maulana Khan. It’s a great book about what Islam really is, that will be sure to inspire. And don’t forget, even the Prophet had to go through a period where his entire family didn’t believe in his message.

Person Number 9
The Thoughtful Teacher Teachers hold a high status in Islam. Without them we wouldn’t have the knowledge and experience we attribute to our success. So this Eid, get your teacher some halal gummy worms, because they’ve ‘wormed’ their way into your heart *Badum Tsh*. Plus who doesn’t love gummies?

Person Number 10
The Distant Family Member It’s hard to shop for someone who you don’t see often. The safest, most practical thing to get them is Wooden Car Hanger, unless they already have one. If so, refer to Person 1

Hopefully this list helps you get all your Eid shopping done and helps you put bright smiles on the faces of your loved ones. Afterall, the happiness of your family and friends is the best gift anyone can receive.

Omhani is an intern at Salam Shop for the Summer of 2016. She is going into her senior year of high school but hopes to do Psychology in University. Omhani is a little bit of a neat freak herself and she loves reading and making the people around her smile.

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