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Salam Shop has curated these “freebies” for personal use only! ENJOY!



Mosque Silhouette Template

I found this stunning silhouette of minarets and the kabah online and had to sure it with you all. Please check out Sweet Fajr for all of her awesome printables and ideas. Click below for the silhouette pattern, which can be printed at home.


Doodle Craft Blog Quatre Foil Designs

These quatre foil (or Moroccan) watercolor freebies are great for printing gift tags or DIY banners. Remember, as with all of the freebies we post – these printables are for personal use only! Click on the image to download:

watercolor moroccan 1

In My Studio Eid + Ramadan Printables

In My Studio sells contemporary Islamic artwork (we have some at the shop!), as well as stationery and branding design. Check out their page for their work, and click on the photo below for some free printables!











Karama Co Subhanallah Printable

Karama Co is a contemporary brand created with your generosity in mind. Karama wants you to look good + feel good about your purchase. This freebie has been created by Karama Co: did you know aying Subhanallah 100 times can grant you 1000 Hasanat (good deeds) or lose 1000 sins?! What a beautiful gift from the Almighty, subhanallah!

Click the photo to be taken to the download site:

Karama Co Freebie

Floral Salam Printable

Salam  – Peace Be Upon You
Enjoy this free printable from Quote Lovin’ / the peony is handpainted so this piece is über unique! Click the photo to be taken to the download site and don’t forget to check out Quote Lovin on instagram.


Ramadan Prayer Times Calendar (Oakville/Mississauga)

It’s that time of year again – the blessed month is almost upon us!
The creative team at Salam Shop has designed this beautiful Ramadan Prayer Time calendar that is sure to fit your fab decor!

Ramadan Prayer Times

The timings were taken from and we’ve used timings for Mississauga/Oakville. Feel free to print / re-print / and share with family & friends.

Sneak Peek at our Ramadan Calendar for 2015

Ramadan Journal for Kids 

A Muslim Homeschool has created this Ramadan Journal designed for kids to use throughout the month of Ramadan. There’s a salah tracker, a fasting success star, and a space to write their goals for the day! Each day also includes a hadith that ties into some aspect of the journal.

Check it out here and print a copy for your little ones (or yourself?!)!

Ramadan Journal for Kids

Ramadan Journal for Kids

Hello Holy Days / Entertaining & Decor Ideas

If you love our style at Salam Shop, you will LOVE Hello Holy Days. It’s a website that presents entertaining and decor ideas for our major holidays: Ramadan / Eid / Hajj. The creative mind behind the website is influenced by the diversity of Muslim cultures and she has graciously shared free printables and crafts on her website appealing to diverse styles and, well, it’s just downright beautiful.

Free Printable Tea Bag Labels for a Hostess Gift

Free Printable Tea Bag Labels for a Hostess Gift

Paper Doll Cutouts by Hijab Ready

Get your pencil crayons & markers ready to make these super cute paper dolls – equipped with cute hijabs and modest outfits. Perfect for the little (and big!) girls in your life. Enjoy!
This freebie is brought to you by the new book “How To Get Hijab Ready” by Aisha Eiwan and Megan Wyatt – available soon at Salam Shop!

Click to Get Your Paper Doll Cutouts from Hijab Ready

Click to Get Your Paper Doll Cutouts from Hijab Ready









Dua Reminder
The perfect way to acknowledge Allah’s greatness.
Can be printed our or used as a computer/phone wallpaper.

A little reminder for His greatness

A little reminder for His greatness









Crayola Activity Pages

Crayola has created Islamic themed activity pages for kids to complete online or to be printed out and enjoyed! Click below to be taken to their website with the different options. Enjoy!

Crayola "Islamic Themed" Activity Pages

Crayola “Islamic Themed” Activity Pages