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Presenting the Board Game Café

Board Games Tea

We love games – and the “togetherness” they promote. Board games can’t be played alone (unless you count solitaire). Come one / come all and spread the brotherhood & sisterhood in our ummah through the joy of board games.

We carry a variety of board games including Settlers of Catan / Monopoly/ Cranium / and more. If we don’t have what you’re looking for you have two options – email us at to discuss the awesome game you want us to get and why….OR…..bring your own game 🙂

What’s a games night without delicious food & snacks? Alhumdulillah, you’ll have the option to purchase any of our fair trade and organic teas and coffees. And, if you’re visiting on a Friday or a Weekend you’ll have the option of Pink Kashmiri Tea as well! For snacks, we have halal gummies, marshmallows, vanilla and peanut butter s’mores, rocky road bark, rice krispie treats, vegan and organic candy, and more.

The board games café can be booked online using the button below.
Our space can accommodate a maximum group size of 9 people.
Once you’ve booked online, a member of our team will email you / give you a call to confirm the space and also ask if you have any special needs / requests / questions.

For our debut we are offering a special rate of $10 per group.
After this time the board game café will take a cover charge of $5/person.

So come roll the dice with us – it’s game on!

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