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The Ultimate Wardrobe + Makeup Guide for Professional Women

This week on the blog we have Annum Khokhar guest blogging from one of our favourite brands – The Fashion Caravan! She teamed up with Toronto based makeup artist Ayesha Yousuf to put together the ultimate wardrobe and makeup guide for professional women. Check out The Fashion Caravan’s full collection online or at Salam Shop.

Clothes & Accessories

I’ve spent most of my life wearing what I want. Until I joined the professional world, I never had to conform to a uniform or particular dress code. At first I thought I had to run to the mall and buy everything. From dress pants, to blazers, a professional wardrobe can cost you a fortune if you don’t plan for it. Luckily, I’m a deal finder and have certain rules when it comes to shopping – it better be on sale!

I TRY for the most part to only buy things reasonable priced or on sale at the mall.

It’s different when I’m supporting local entrepreneurs or smaller boutiques. As an entrepreneur myself, I completely understand why a lot of our items are more expensive than giant retailers and I support other entrepreneurs with my eyes closed.

Zara, Loft, Club Monaco on the other hand better have a sale!

Here are a few inexpensive ways to style your professional wardrobe without breaking the bank or having to comprise on modesty. Thankfully, modesty is still valued in the workplace to a certain degree so I don’t look like the odd one out when I’m in a full-sleeved blouse and dress pants in the summer.

The key is to have a few staple pieces and ACCESORIZE!! Whether you use a scarf as your accessory or a necklace, having a subtle outfit with a pop of color is the way to go.



Most importantly, don’t forget: shoes can make or break your outfit. Having a great pair of heels totally dresses up your outfit but keeping a pair of nice loafers and flats at work saves the day! I always keep a pair of flats and heels at work because in my field, we never really know who we’re going to meet today!




The scarves in the photographs can be purchased online at or at Salam Shop.

The necklaces will also be available online and at Salam Shop in a few weeks for the Spring/Summer collection (yippee!).

Now, while I may be a shopping & deal finding expert, I’m certainly not a makeup expert and that’s why I invited my friend Ayesha Yousuf, a Toronto-based makeup artist, to share some tips on how to dress your face for the workplace.

Beauty & Makeup

Makeup for the workplace should be minimal. Here are a few makeup tips to achieve a polished look that will go with any hijab!


Avoid wearing heavy makeup on your face especially if you don’t need full coverage makeup. In bright lighting, such as office lighting, makeup looks very obvious, so opt for a tinted moisturizer or a mineral powder to even out your skin with light to medium coverage that is daytime appropriate.





Eyeliner for the workplace needs to be minimal especially because the more you have on, the more of it there is to get smudged after an 8 hour work day. To make your eyes pop use a dark brown liquid or pot liner with a fine tipped brush, and apply it to your lash line. Avoid black liner unless you’re a makeup pro! Brown will give you a softer daytime look whereas black can be harsh for the office.





My favorite makeup is blush! Whether you’re wearing a bold colored hijab or a neutral sombre tone, the right blush will add warmth to your face and will compliment your face beautifully. If you’re keeping the rest of your makeup simple and neutral, you can add a warm peach or bright pink blush to pull your look together and add vibrancy to your face.




I usually don’t even wear lipstick at work because, let’s be honest ladies, after that first cup of coffee or chai, it’s all gone! My absolute favorite lip products are tinted lip balms from Burt’s Bees. They actually offer colour but look super natural. They’re very hydrating and will smooth out rough chapped lips.



What is #mysalamshop


It’s been an incredible few weeks since I joined the Salam Shop team as a Sales Associate. Let me clarify, “Sales Associate” is just a title; being part of the Salam Shop team is so much more than that (#entrepreneurlife). It is a learning opportunity where the ideas of Islam are embraced and spread through our work. I decided to apply to work at Salam Shop when I discovered what an inspiring place it would be, not only to buy unique, handcrafted, modern and ethically produced products, but also a place that brings the entire community together. When I first visited Salam Shop, every brand’s story was inspiring. How the products are made, who creates the products, and how the brands support one another really showcases the true beauty of how Salam Shop spreads the beauty of Islam.

For me, Salam Shop is a place that invites me to have access to lifestyle products that are specially designed for the Muslim community; products you can’t find anywhere else. It gives me a place to be with brilliant people who share the same goal of wanting to spread the peace and loveliness of Islam to the Canadian society.

The passion that Sudduf, the owner, as well as each brand ambassador has in crafting and designing remarkably unique products is so inspiring. It makes me want to try getting creative on my own (#yaypinterest).

My first purchase at Salam Shop included products by The Pampered Muslimah: A floral notebook to plan my days, weeks and dreams out, a wall print that reminds me how important it is to remember Allah swt and a USB that is perfect for storing my photos or assignments. As a university student (#goRyerson), I find that Salam Shop provides an avenue for so many things we don’t find in ordinary stores; it’s incredible!


So that is what Salam Shop is for me (#mysalamshop).

The Salam Shop team hopes the shop can be a place the Ummah can call theirs. A place to network. A place to shop. And of course, a place to spread the beauty of Islam.

We want to know what Salam Shop means to you. Take a photo of your Salam Shop experience – whether it be products you’ve purchased or a recent trip to the shop, etc. and post it on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) with the hashtag #mysalamshop.

We will be choosing 1 winner each month – so start tagging!

Winners will have their photo posted on our WINNERS BOARD in Salam Shop and will receive a gift pack. Best of luck!!

Amira Zubairi is a journalism student at Ryerson University and a writer for MY Voice Canada magazine. She has a passion for helping others and has travelled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti on volunteer missions. Amira loves stationery, making lists, bagels from Tim Hortons (except the pretzel bagel), and her job at Salam Shop.



Salam Shop Grand Opening


Hello lovely people!

I hope you’re doing well!

Despite having a midterm tomorrow morning, I knew I could not miss out on Salam Shop’s Grand Opening event!!

Now what is Salam Shop? Salam Shop is a store located in Mississauga, Ontario that houses many different local businesses and products and is a convenient place for Muslims to shop for their essentials. Many products at Salam Shop are handmade, ethically produced, fair trade, and organic. From islamic books, modest apparel, decorations for your home, health and beauty products, and even fresh flower arrangements, Salam Shop has it all! You can even stock up on some favourite halal gummies and have a treat from the organic and fair trade cafe! I had a sample of the Pink Kashmiri Chai tea and it was very delicious 😉

Salam Shop can be considered a department store where there’s something for everyone in the family. Their products are high quality and the cute store set-up and decorations was enough for me to want to pay a visit! :)



Founder, Sudduf Wyne had an inspiration to spread the beauty of Islam and make a lifestyle store that would connect to Canadian Muslims. She wanted to depict Islam through the high-quality products, inspirational walls, and friendly personalities.

The name for the store – Salam Shop – was inspired by one of the 99 names of God that translates to the One who is the source of all peace, wholeness and safety. Even the muslim greeting to one another is “salam”, as we wish peace to everyone we meet. This illustrates an essential message of Islam, a religion of peace and submission. Salam Shop strives to create a positive image of Islam to the Canadian society, especially when our religion is receiving negative views from the media. Way to go Salam Shop!


During my visit, I talked to various employees and business owners. One comment from an employee resonated with me. She said “You walk around the store and it’s filled with so much inspiration, and you really feel good doing something that benefits the Ummah!” My visit to Salam Shop definitely made me feel the same way! Everyone is so inspiring, every business has it’s own story, and every purchase you make supports local brands and helps our community prosper!

Some brands at Salam Shop are:

Salam Shop is located at 3355 The Collegeway Unit 18 Mississauga, Ontario L5L5T3, and open from 9:30-6:00 on Tuesday-Friday, and 10:00-6:00 on the weekends (Fall/winter hours only)!

Check out more at: and

Here are some more pictures from the shop!











You can look forward to an upcoming giveaway featuring some products from Salam Shop soon inshallah, maybe, yes?!?

Thank you to Salam Shop for letting me blog about the Grand Opening and giving me some behind the scenes details to share with you all! Looking forward to many more shopping experiences at Salam Shop!

Hope you all have an amazing week!
Look forward to an OOTD post from what I wore to the opening!

Lots of love <3

Malikah :)

~Where Style and Modesty Save the Day!~

Malikah Ebrahim lives in Toronto and is a fashion & lifestyle blogger for Hijabi Heroes. She loves anything maxi, cute blouses and every blazer there is. She loves to share her passion for modest fashion  and so much more! 

20 Keys to Success as I Say Goodbye to My 20s

Birthday 30Today was my official last day in my 20s. I know. How could this happen? How did so many years go by and how did I get so…old?! I know, I know: ALHUMDULILLAH. I am grateful for having such a blessed life and for being surrounded by such a blessed group of family and friends. And to top it all off, for having the opportunity to live out my DREAM and have success as an entrepreneur by the age of 30. Subhanallah!

This past weekend I attended the Al Kauthar Muslim DNA course taught by Sheikh Yahya. The course focused on the ideal Muslim character and we were given practical tips for success in developing that character. I thought it would be fitting to share with you Sheikh Yahya’s guide for success & fulfillment in this life.

So here it is: 20 Keys to Success as I Say Goodbye to My 20s (with all credit to Sheikh Yahya and his beautiful course, The Muslim DNA)

  1. Trust your fate – You will not be questioned about things that happen to you beyond your control, or things that happen within you (ie: your genetics). But you will be questioned about your reaction to both of those things – do you put your trust in Allah swt’s plan?
  2. Master the fundamentals of Islam
  3. Learn from your parents lives – especially their mistakes
  4. Practice Islam daily – the more you do it, the better you do it
  5. Ilm/Knowledge is important – Don’t mistake information for knowledge. Books carry information. Knowledge is when you practice what the book says intentionally.
  6. Don’t let people get into your head – and especially don’t react to their impulses
  7. Respond to failure – it’s a step towards success so try again and know how to respond
  8. Fear is an illusion – it’s a mental block. Danger is real.
  9. Just do it – stop sitting on it and go for it
  10. You can’t do it alone
  11. Excellence speaks for itself – your aim is to do everything with Ihsan/excellence
  12. Always expect your duas to Allah swt to be answered – He hears you, He knows you, He sees you, He responds.
  13. When it’s time to change, change – ie: if they don’t change, you change
  14. The best things in life are always the simplest – Reading subhanallah wa bihamdi 100 times will wipe out your sins EVEN if they covered an ocean. Subhanallah!
  15. Give the best to demand the best
  16. Harness your emotions and learn to control fear, joy, sadness, and sorrow
  17. Love what you do – if you don’t, find a way to do what you love
  18. Forget the past
  19. Ignore the future – don’t control it, but plan it with hope and trust in Allah swt
  20. Invest in your present – TODAY is the day you seek

Inshallah I hope you all have much success in this life and the hereafter and that these 20 Keys to Success offer the much needed insight we need in today’s world. Please make a little dua for me that Allah swt put barakah in my work and that He keep me on His path. And more importantly, please make dua for Sheikh Yahya and his family and for the volunteers at Al Kauthar who organized such a wonderful weekend course.

And with that I say ma’al-salamah to my 20s and salam to my 30s.

#8 Fear is just an illusion (phew – I can do this 30-something thing).
#9 Just do it. I’m 30 everyone. I’m 30!!!
#10 You can’t do it alone. (please don’t make it all *crickets* in here…)


Sudduf Wyne



Spreading the Beauty of Islam

Whether having a business is beneficial for you in this dunya and the next would all depend on you – your why, your what, your how, your who and your when. Why are you doing it? How are you doing it? What are you selling? To whom will you benefit? When will be the best time to do this? – Fadhilah Wahid


While setting my 2015 resolutions and goals, I stumbled upon an excellent article called “4 Points to Ponder on Building a Business of Barakah” by Fadhilah Wahid. How timely! She discusses how we live in a world where online businesses have low risks and low startup costs and has the positive side effect of allowing people to do what they love. On the flip side, however,  she highlights that there are important points to consider before starting up to remind yourself of your one true goal – as abd or devotees to Allah swt.

I’d like to take this opportunity to summarize the article for you and simultaneously discuss our vision for Salam Shop. Please check out the original article here.

1. What is your intention for your business? As Muslims, we know that our actions are judged only by our intentions. As Muslim business owners, it’s important to ensure you are conducting business for the sake of Allah swt.

Our intention with Salam Shop is simple, just like Islam is simple.

We aim to spread the beauty of Islam – through our products and through the sisterhood and brotherhood those products create, inshallah.


2. Are you making the world a better place? This question is oh-so-important for all entrepreneurs. There has to be some sort of problem you are solving with your business that will ensure its success.

For Salam Shop, we aim to make the world a better place by promoting local artisans and ethically produced products. It is our duty as Muslims to ensure fair treatment of our ummah (I’m talking about everybody here – not just Muslims in the ummah). What good is it if you are buying Eid gifts from a big-box store that were produced by children in a sweat shop? Let’s start a new trend as Muslims – support & buy local and ethically produced items and feel GOOD about it.

Secondarily, but just as important, Salam Shop wants to bring the beauty of Islam to everyone in the community. I remember growing up in Canada and seeing the wonderful lights and decorations for Christmas and thinking, “I wish we had something like this for us”. Alhumdulillah, that time has come! Local entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to create products that appeal to us as modern Muslims, not just for our festivities, but for our everyday lives. Salam Shop makes all of those items accessible to each and every one of you.


3. Are you shariah compliant? Now I’m no expert in Shariah but I do know what’s right and wrong. So should you. Salam Shop will never sell unlawful products like alcohol or support anything contradicting Islam. But that doesn’t mean we’re fanatics either. Islam is a simple religion and we go about all of our business with simplicity.

4. Are you running your business out of sincere love? In her article, Fadhilah mentions a time when Muslims would do things for other people out of sincere love and to spread barakah. I was extremely inspired by what she wrote about cooks who used to recite dhikr while preparing food to spread love and barakah to those who ate it. Subhanallah!

Our vision for Salam Shop is to spread the love – the sisterhood and brotherhood that is sometimes missing from our communities. To spread the beauty of Islam – the beauty that is sometimes masked by the aunties and uncles at the masjid that shush the little crying children. To increase the remembrance of Allah swt by bringing reminders of Him into our homes through Salam Shop products.

Khadija RA was one of the greatest women of our time – and you know what? She was also one of the greatest business women too. What made her business so successful was the barakah from Allah swt and the way she ran it, fairly and justly.

I loved the article posted by Fadhilah and I hope you check it out and support her blog so she can continue to enlighten us with her knowledge.

May Allah swt give our time and our businesses ongoing barakah, and remind us of our true intentions with our businesses as devotees to Him, first and foremost. Ameen.

beauty of love

We are hiring!

We Are Hiring

Salam Shop is an inspiring place to shop. Our shop will always be warm & inviting. We help spread the beauty of Islam through our products, brands, and exceptional staff. Welcome to the world of Salam Shop!

At Salam Shop, we don’t have “customers”, we have Guests. And Guests are given VIP treatment.

We are currently seeking candidates for an exciting opportunity in retail sales. The sales associate will represent and communicate the Salam Shop brand and lifestyle to customers through sales competency, product expertise, and by providing the highest level of customer service. APPLY HERE.

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